PlayLive Nation Birthday Parties

Valid from June 6, 2022 to March 31, 2023   |  PLAYlive Nation, Level 1

PlayLive Nation Birthday Parties

Monday-Thursday for a 5-station party is $259

Friday-Sunday for a 5-station party is $289

Each birthday comes with the same package

1. 2 hours and 30 minutes

2. 1 Pizza from BJ's with additional costing $25 each after the included one

3. $40 of in store merchandise which can mean getting multiple things that will add up to a total of $40 or one item

4. 5 stations with additional ones adding on for $28

5. Invitations that we will get information for from you and fill it out so you can send to family and friends or so you can fill them out

6. 2 free hours of game time added to the account of person having the birthday party

7. Decorations such as balloons and tablecloths

8. Trivia about birthday boy/girl so other children can win some game time to come back in the store with friends or family

9. Drink tickets for every station of the party purchased (5 comes with the 5 station party package)

10. PlayLive Nation Staff in store hosting the event to make it an even more special day