Stock Stylist

Posted August 23, 2021  |  windsor

Job Expectations and Performance Standards: 

Windsor expects great job performance. This includes contributing individually and as a team player in meeting company goals and supporting mission statement.  As well as displaying a friendly, respectful and optimistic personality. In addition, must show integrity in complying with policies, procedures, and guidelines. 

Job Summary: 

▪     Understands and Implements “The 4 Selling Step” method
▪     Achieves personal sales minimums required by “Store Gold Star” Program
▪     Helps maintain a visually appealing store
▪     Practices and implements all loss prevention policies and procedures
▪     Oversees all store shipping and receiving procedures


Contact Information

For more information and to apply please go to the Windsor website at or reach out to Martika Sells at 480.786.9348 or