Candy Bar & Lollypop Fundraising Special

Now through October 3, 2018   |   See's Candies, Level 1 See's Candies


Classic Candy Bars

Rich, creamy crowd-pleasers.

Sold in single-flazor cartons. Each carton contains 72 bars (1.5oz each) packaged in 3 display cases.

Extra Dark Chocolate Candy Bars   #3898

Dark Chocolate Candy Bars   #3896

Milk Chocolate Candy Bars   #3894

Suggested selling price @2.75/bar

Special price/carton &78.25

Profit $1.66/bar


Butterscotch and Chocolate Lollypops

Each carton contains approximately 250 individually wrapped lollypops.

0.7 oz/Butterscotch Lollypops #9005

0.7 oz/Chocolate Lollypops #9142

Suggested selling price $1.00/lollypop

Special price/carton $104.00

Profit $0.58/lollypop

While supplies last!

*With minimum purchase of 4 cartons of Classic Candy Bars, or 2 cartons of Lollypops, or 1 carton of Lollypops with 2 cartons of Classic Candy Bars.

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